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Problems of research in Greece

Since 2009, research centers and universities have seen their budgets cut by about 30% and 50% respectively. Salaries of scientists and faculty members have...

The crisis of the Italian research and university system

Slides of the talk presented at the meeting  “Is science contributing to the division of Europe or can it help secure a common future?...

Blame game emerges over innovation divide

Commission ‘not responsible’ for crisis in southern states By Laura Greenhalgh in Copenhagen (Source: Research Europe) Research Europe 03-07-2014   The European Commission and national researchers have clashed over...

News from Science in Europe

  France is not the only European country where public research and higher education are badly treated by their respective governments. In Spain, CSIC, the equivalent...

Future of Research in Europe

Chronicle of "Homo scientificus europeus: In the search for a sustainable future for European science" roundtable Raül Toran (ACCC). The Ateneu Barcelonés hosted last November...