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Bitterness cannot be avoided but should not turn into rejection

“But do not be bitter, please. Our countries need both of us, and we them (…); bitterness perhaps cannot be avoided, but it should...

Sharing is performing

Infants are taught to share indiscriminately, there is even a mantra: “sharing is caring,” repeated ad nauseum until children comply. But, as soon as...

News from Science in Europe

  France is not the only European country where public research and higher education are badly treated by their respective governments. In Spain, CSIC, the equivalent...

European Science is dead: long live European Science!

Presentation at the " European Science is dead: long live European Science!" from Francesco Sylos Labini European Science is dead! (Source: http://euroscientist.com/2013/11/european-science-is-dead-long-live-european-science/) European science is dead! This is due to...

Two cultural and economic growth factors: basic and curiosity-driven research

The blog Return on Academic ReSearch ROARS.it was launched in September 2011 by eight scientists, active in the field of natural sciences as well as...