“Against Ignorance: the European Experience”: the talk of Gilles Mirambeau. We think that the Homo Scientificus Europaeus should be at the center of Europe, rather than bankers and politicians. The formation of Europe must pass through science and culture and not through cold bureaucracy, incomprehensible roles and financial affairs.


Terzo Convegno ROARS
I materiali audio-video del convegno tenuto a Roma il 19 giugno 2015
presso la Sala del Rettorio, Camera dei Deputati

Parte V: intervento di Gilles Mirambeau, UPMC-Sorbonne Universités; IDIBAPS, Barcelona; Euroscience

“Against Ignorance: the European Experience”

Seguono video e slide

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1 commento

    … Public campaigns focusing on IGNORANCE / KNOWLEDGE …

    Asking for a new social contract
    ….. for European Science Makers
    ……… in close relationship with the Common Good

    My [preposterous] STUB COMMENT to the above ….
    A close reationship with the Commons [the Common Good] is a must, granting the Science Activists themselves an opportunity to learn a lesson from “social” errors they seem to be overlooking … [i.e. before acting as Scientists they should be acting as Knowledge Citizens]

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