Roars in English

The blog ROARS (Return on Academic Research), was founded on September 2011 by eight academics and researchers, active both in the field of natural sciences and in social sciences and humanities. The board of editors has since then grown, and is now composed by 14 persons. ROARS is one the most important Italian forums for discussion concerning research and higher education policies. Since its inception, two years ago, we have published more than 1,300 articles, receiving  more than 16,000 comments and more than 7 million contacts. Recently, the daily average is more than 10 thousand visits. We have about 1000 followers on Twitter and a Facebook group with more than 5000 members.

The distinctive feature of ROARS is its strict adherence to an evidence-based approach to the discussion of policies in higher education and research. Governmental interventions are analysed in the context of the international debate and methodologies. Thus, we gained a widespread reputation for reliability, a key reason for our success. We are often mentioned by national newspapers and, occasionally, also by international magazines such as Science, Nature, Times Higher Education, Euroscientist.

As a spin-off of the blog, we have launched also an international peer-reviewed journal, RT, A Journal on Research Policy and Evaluation.

Here you can find the articles in English already published by Roars